Bronx Writes

The following podcasts have been created by students in the Bronx WRITeS program. All of the work is original poetry created by our students with the support of their teachers and the teaching artists from DreamYard Inc. Once it is created and edited, students use iPods with sound recorders to record their original work as mp3 files.
For additional student work linked to this project, visit 145 Slam Fam, authored by Craig Moses, Teacher, MS 145

“Poetry helps you express what you’re feeling and look at things from a different point of view.”

Jeremy, 5th Grader

Watch Our Students Perform

Who Am I
Edwin – MS 145 – Grade 8

Who am I?
I am who I am
These words that ring through thy mind
Speaks through thy mouth and gives through thy heart
I am an endless soul full of poetic goals
This mindless ideas that never ends and
I feel like… Listen

Youth Speaks
Mauricio – MS 145 – Grade 8

Piercing through your skin comes a blade carved with
the words of wisdom from my generation
Hoping that the more blood it meets the more this nation
will comprehend what we proposed of this poetry
sensation. Hoping that the harder we stand the quicker these lines … Listen

Kujegi – MS 118 – Grade 7

Trapped in a bottle
A bottle so full of so many feelings
Hurt, Pain and Happiness
I need to give a message to the world
Of these feelings I feel deep within the
Beating of my soul … Listen