Kujegi – MS 118 – Grade 7

Trapped in a bottle
A bottle so full of so many feelings
Hurt, Pain and Happiness
I need to give a message to the world
Of these feelings I feel deep within the
Beating of my soul
Trapped in a mist of emotions
I want to let it all out
Let it fly freely
Soaring highly above the beautiful blue sky
And let the earth soak it within its layers
And let it be gone forever
Never shall I see it for then I will be in
A painful moment of distress
This is what I feel,
I feel hatred all around
People see me as a terrorist
But not as a person with a beating heart, that is alive
That feels the hatred, the pain within and hears the
Constant bickering of people who are prejudice
I feel hurt, I feel badly
When people look down on me
Is it because of my color?
Or my religion
I haven’t done anything
I have an innocent soul
It hurts when they glare at me as if
I’m a creature from outer space
Or when they give me a bad look
As if to say I don’t like her
Look at what she’s wearing
They don’t know
It is terribly painful
When they pull on this cloth I wear
Just to see if I’m bald?
Don’t they know I go home and cry myself to sleep?
Cause I can’t bear to hold the pain anymore
Cause they’ve hurt the pride within
The dignity I hold in myself
They say words don’t hurt
They do hurt when they tease you or laugh at you
Because of this thing you wear they don’t know it’s a
Symbol for what I believe in
They’ve hurt me not physically as in a bruise or a cut
But emotionally and painfully
These words they call me like an African buddy
Scratcher and many other words have haunted me
All my life I just can’t seem to erase them off my mind
That’s how it feels when they torture you
When they ripped your heart out
When they steal your most prized possessions
Like dignity and pride
They think that the teasing the discrimination
Made me weaker
Actually, it made me have faith in myself more
To be able to believe in myself
To appreciate my culture and religion
To become a stronger in the heart
Soul and mind
And never let anyone hurt the soul that
Provides blood for me everyday
Deep within the thickness of that red blood
There is that person who is saying
I am willing to grow
To break out of that shell of sadness
And view the positive side of the world
I never saw before
To feel the wondrous feeling of happiness and love
Hate doesn’t make me weaker
But sure does make me stronger
As I am ready to enter the side of the world
I never saw before
To the feeling I never felt before
I will shout one last time
I am ready!
No more ‘I’m I trapped’?
I am free!