Who Am I?

Edwin – MS 145 – Grade 8

Who am I?
I am who I am
These words that ring through thy mind
Speaks through thy mouth and gives through thy heart
I am an endless soul full of poetic goals
This mindless ideas that never ends and
I feel like I could bend these poetic rules and write
Write as free as the seasons go by
I am the overseer, over interpreter, over achiever of this diminutive microscopic world
This spectrum that lies within our international universe
I am the love for what is left of nature
For I see with my puny eyes
Corruption, eruption, destruction; a function of pollution that separates humanity from all that is proper and damages all that is natural
I am the eyes of those who are blind
For the original sin that ha been bestowed upon us blinds us from eternal peace and separates us from unity glory, from our mission in life
Our eyes open to disrespect always one another
Insults among us
Rudeness that ties us
Hated lies, robbery, physical death, verbal fatalities
Cheats horrendous thoughts and actions inflicted on our mental deformation
The devils work left in traces we cannot see
Berets our social environment and interaction with our fellow men
We have to open our eyes out of all that is hurtful and see life from a different perspective
From a positive optimistic grateful point of view
I am the ears to those who are deaf
We are deaf of what is correct and listen to what is negative
We ignore those who are faithful and we judge those who are holy
We are a humiliation, a menace to society
I am the instance of honesty forever-truthful forever-lasting forever burning embers of ash
Ash that fills our planet with misery and wears around each and every corner of the paths to ever glowing glory
I am the speech that stops immortality and sees beyond our heaven
A physically mental feeling that I must conquer with power
I am the voice of reason the knowledge of knowing no knowledge
The Understanding internalizing, interpretation, internalization, interprets and understood
A huge role in life I must play
And will accomplish
That’s confidence
Nothing less and nothing more