Can Life Mean More?

Victoria – Brighton Park Elementary School - Grade 8

Can life be more than a simple task?
Is the face a disguise similar to a mask?
We carry out challenges almost every day
and control life in every way.
Can life mean more than to walk, touch or speak
Or is it just a precious value that
we seek?Is life all about money and riches?
Life can be painful as sewing your flesh with stitches.
Life can do so many things.
It can hurt, it can heal,
it can even love you.
But life is a dangerous game
that can turn you into a person
who won’t be the same.
You can smoke. You can drink.
You can do what you want.
but nothing’s gonna save you
from the things you do.
Does life mean to lie and die away?
Or does it mean more than I can say?
Can life bring you everything you wish for?
Can life mean more?