Pierre – Chalmers Specialty. – Grade 6

Love is when he holds you
if you’re cold.
When you think about it,
love makes you get tingly in your soul.
Love is when you see them and
you can’t even speak.
You’ll understand cuz when he
comes around your knees get weak.
Love is when you kiss him
and you say that’s enough.
It’s sometimes a rib
that’s really tough.

Love is like honey- sticky and slow
Like in a conversation when I can’t say no.

Love is when you try to hide it
but it’s still all in the open.
Like trying to get into a party,
except that he’s got your token.
Love is when you smile and try to stay cool.
You’ll know it’s love cause when you’re hungry,
he gives you his last piece of food.

by Pierre , Grade 6
Chalmers Specialty, Chicago, IL.