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Global Writes Welcomes Maine Writes!

Students from Farewell,Montello Elem school, Lewiston Middle school, and Edward Little High School in Auburn Maine competed in the Global Writes winter 2016 Slam Tournament! The outcome: the students from Farewell and Lewiston Middle were crowned winners of the invitational tournaments they participated in!!!

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Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy,
I slowly drag my feet to class,
Lazy Boy,
to tired to pay attention to what a nuance means,
Lazy Boy,
Homework left unanswered again,


By Shukri, Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine

You see her
yet You don’t bother to say hi
no questions asked as she stands in the dark corner


By Khadro, Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine

My religion does not teach to Murder or to slay, To Steal from others, to hate, swear or to discriminate

We are not taught to make bombs. I don’t even know how to target a building?? words of hatred are not instilled in a mosque
Doors are slammed shut to those unthinkable ideas