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Students from Farewell,Montello Elem school, Lewiston Middle school, and Edward Little High School in Auburn Maine competed in the Global Writes winter 2016 Slam Tournament! The outcome: the students from Farewell and Lewiston Middle were crowned winners of the invitational tournaments they participated in!!!

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The following poems were written by students from Edward Little High School in Auburn

Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy,
I slowly drag my feet to class,
Lazy Boy,
to tired to pay attention to what a nuance means,
Lazy Boy,
Homework left unanswered again,

Lazy Boy,
abandoning another tutoring session
Lazy Boy.
college applications left unfinished
Lazy Boy
struggling to get through another day

They don’t see my life outside of the 8-hour school day,

but they come to conclusions anyway,

They don’t know of the six other siblings that need me,

The laughter and chaos of kids chasing each other
Lets me know it’s time to wake up
Time to be responsible

Mom can’t drive,
I am the taxi cab,
each morning I wait for her schedule of the day, to dictate where I will be and when
No time to be a kid
but its okay
I gotta do what I gotta do

Lazy Boy,
they call me into the office,
they sit me down
in an interrogation, as if I’m a perpetrator
the walls start to close in
I feel as if I am backed into a corner
sweat starts to drip down my back.
questions coming at me

“Akmahada how are you doing?”

asking as if they care, when they don’t even know how to say my name.

“It looks like you are not taking school seriously?”

Not know of the time I spend the hours I put it trying to juggle life and school

“Have you thought about your future.”
As if I don’t stay awake at night thinking about occupation, destination and designation.
They Wonder if I Have the knowledge it takes to get there

Because see
to you
I’m just a Lazy Boy.

My sister once told me it’s the other way around,
Not Lazy Boy,
Lazy system
Dragging its feet to implement change,
Lazy system
desks arranged in rows like a one room school house
lazy system
implementing requirements with out implementing change
lazy system
can’t accept how different kids learn
Lazy system,
giving out grades based favorites
Lazy system.
teachers unable to do what is right
lazy system
students pleas and proposals left unanswered again,
Lazy system,
teachers not teaching, letting us learn off of someone else’s hardwork- but lord knows we can’t cheat!

Lazy system,
you want to call me a Lazy Boy because its easier to do than to actually make a change

Lazy system are you taking school seriously?
Lazy system have you thought about your future?
Lazy system do you think you have the knowledge it takes to make the change?

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By Shukri, Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine
You see her
yet You don’t bother to say hi
no questions asked as she stands in the dark corner

Her two eyes sunken between the carved sockets of her skull
Her hair the design of black worms
they move as they destroy the pieces of her mind

Her canvas is full of shattered lines drawn across her body

her skin so black when the night comes she blends in
So empty she is barely noticeable even when the sun is at its highest

She wanders lost

the focus on putting one foot in front of the other

no direction
no destination

controlled by nothing

The world has failed her
No one dares to come near

a 15 year old ripped to pieces unable to glue them back together

She has lost everything
She is destroyed by memories

her soul is filled with a thunder storm
lightening strikes as she flees with her parents
sun overpowered by darkness
long shadows are drawn across her canvas
the day blends into night all good becomes invisible

she has crossed
waits for the others
rain pours as she listens to the fallen world

she tries to solve the puzzle
with the pieces that she has left behind
homes destroyed
families broken
memories damaged

Her mom
A baby boy tied on her back
the baby cries
she runs with the wind
Runs from evil
bullets fly towards her
But she doesn’t look back for a second
each moment could be the last
Her bare feet stumble on the hard ground
her foot takes its next step
bodies take the shape of a broken mirror
pieces shattered
scattered in every direction

The fathers left to carry all the weight
He struggles as his feet drag behind him
His world to heavy to bear
His soul determined by rebels
his end has come
from bullets through his head
his life was cut short

a 15 year old on the other side of the abandoned world
blood splatters like paint across a canvas
she cries
she screams

she searches the painting for the missing pieces
unable to put her world back together

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By Khadro, Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine

my religion does not teach to Murder or to slay
To Steal from others
to hate, swear or to discriminate

We are not taught to make bombs
I don’t even know how to target a building??
 words of hatred are not instilled in a mosque
Doors are slammed shut to those unthinkable ideas

Step over the threshold
breathe within these walls and you will learn
what the true teachings are

I have been taught
To teach the bitter ones better
To ignore the ignorant
And to become a leader for all mankind

Yet still you SPIT out your hatred
with generalizations
M u r d e r e r
t o w e l h e a d
i m m i g r a n t
g o b a c k t o y o u r o w n c o u n t r y
harassed and badgered by these malicious insults

you question
why I am still standing here
why I am still in your country
You want me to be different

judging me based on my clothes
my religion shaping your views
never taking the time to learn

your ignorance has led me to believe
That you know nothing about what doors I have been thru
What trials my family and I had to do fight

every time I enter an airport
I am pulled out of line
patted down
cold hands tap both sides of my body
Traveling south
Making me feel unsettled

A stranger breaks thru my concrete doors
to leave my modesty and privacy crushed

violated because of your fears
targeted because of one persons actions

We live in a country that swears that all people are created Equal
that religion is protected in the constitution
But yet they tell you to fear me
that i am somehow different
that my religion is dangerous

A young Asian man
Age of 23
Stole more than 32 lives
on his college campus
heart so full of
Hate and destruction
he ended his own life with the others.

a young white man
age of 20
guns down 20 children and 7 adults
in an elementary school
heart so full of
Hate and destruction
he ended his own life with the others.

this is a country where people’s o p i n i o n s are o p i n i o n a t e d
not by all but by some

america the home of the free
america home of the brave
America where religion never comes into a conversation
unless it involves a muslim

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