National Endowment For The Arts Funding

This NEA Art Works research grant entitled, “The Mirror and the Canyon: Reflected Images, Echoed Voices: Chapter Two”, will impact 240 treatment and comparison middle school students from 4 Bronx schools for a More In Depth Look at the Impact of Bronx Writes on Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This study will allow us to look more in depth and explore the following research questions:

  1. What 21st Century Skills are most strongly impacted and which are least strongly impacted?
  2. Does the program have a differential impact on students across the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) groupings?
  3. To what extent do increased 21st Century Skills in at-risk student populations support them with life challenges?

Plans will include assessing students using a Habits of Mind rubric for pre/post learning patterns (treatment and control) and an authentic arts-based performance rubric (treatment only), Global Writes will also collect contextual teacher instructional data to examine its connection to student learning outcomes. Metis Associates, a nationally recognized research and evaluation firm, will lead the project and report on project findings.