Nyack WRITeS Student Poetry

The following poems were written by Nyack Middle School 7th graders
2009/2010 Global Writes, Teaching Artist Jane LeCroy

The Leaves

By Yasmyn

I know what the leaves like to do
They like to change from green to yellow
To orange to red to brown
The wardrobe is endless
I know what the leaves like to do
They like to dance and shimmy
And sway off their branches too
I know what the leaves like to do
They like to fall and crunch under people’s feet
When they are protected on branches they follow the sun
I know what the leaves like to do
They like to grow and feel and live
I know what the leaves like to do
They like to come down gracefully before winter
And become nutritious, delicious and yummy for the soil
The ground that houses pink worms and crawly creatures
I know what the leaves like to do
They like to be reborn like little baby blue jays in spring
Becoming green and full
Becoming pretty pink flowers on a cherry tree
I know what the leaves like to do
They like to change
And keep us humans guessing

The Wild West

By Sarah

I see the wind blow from the west
The hooves of the horse
Their manes flying like a
Pat pat pat
On the rocks they stumble
But then take off full speed
I am flying with them
The cowboys and cowgirls yelling
As the horses win the race
Again and again
I can hear the motivation of the announcer
And his booming voice
The horses are off and running!
I can hear from the top box
But all is nothing but a dream of the horse Flicka winning
Because I am at home listening to the
Honk Honk Honk of the buses and the cars
But I AM BACK and ready to attack
Just like I’m a mustang jumping in mid air
Mouth wide open like a tiger and then blood across the grass
And the horse laid there dead I think
There was a blur I was laying on the sofa TV still on
And that glass of water spilled
My dog licking the water off the floor
Mom coming Now

Let Me Take You To Italy

By Dawn

During the light it turns dark
I hear waves crashing
Down, traveling over each other
The sand is so bright like the sun shining
Down with its heartbeat flashing like a TV
When it’s dark outside
I smell the fresh bread coming out of the oven
I smell the pizza on the table
It tastes like the spaghetti as it’s on its plate
The roads are busy as people in a crowded room trying to walk around
People talking to one another like the floor is connects
I hear the pebbles on the ground
I hear the pebbles falling down as cars run over them
I see the water sparkling, becoming a brand new diamond ring
I see the little lemon rinds beside the little white espresso cups
I hear the coffee grinding, it is poured
It belongs in the little espresso cup

My Room

By Joe

I come inside
I see ocean and sky
The sea green wall
The murky blue rug
The night sky curtains
It is Atlantic but Pacific
It is warm but cool
My room is opposites
It is Jungle
The ground rumbles
The dark brown shelf
The light brown desk
And a shiny steel structure
Like a bed reminds me of the Titanic
And the toys in my room remind me of rocks
But most of all
It is where I go to forget my misfortunes

The Hare and the Tortoise

By Jenny

I am the tortoise
People think they can hurt my feelings and hurt me
But I am tough
One day this person bothered me so much
The hare said, “Let’s race.”
The day of the race everyone cheered for her
Ready Set Go
At first I jog slowly
Then I saw the hare taking a nap
I tricked her and ran as fast as I could
Then the bully woke up and saw me almost at the finish line
A current and tide hit the hare when she was swimming in the ocean
She was behind me so I swam as fast as I could
Then I won
I declared that I beat the bully
And never again was the bully able to bully me or anyone else