Queens Writes

The Queens Writes program began in 2002. The program is currently funded in three Jackson Heights schools through a New York State Learning Technology grant. Queens began the project through a pilot with DreamYard teaching artists and now uses Urban Word, a local arts organization, for its poet residencies. The program focuses on students in grades five through eight and replicates the Bronx Writes model of writing and performance in the classroom. Queens Writes students participate in the Global Writes slam tournament each fall and spring.

Ali – IS 145 – Grade 7

Life is depressing for many I have learned
For example take me
I look around in the small glass box
That I am confined in
I realize that I am isolated
From the world that was once around me… Listen

I Love You
Nahomi – IS 145 – Grade 7

It’s funny how when you finally came home you played with me
We used to play barbie and tea party
Don’t you remember?
You used to dress just like me… Read more