I Love You

Nahomi – IS 145 – Grade 7

It’s funny how when you finally came home you played with me
We used to play barbie and tea party
Don't you remember?
You used to dress just like me,and we were always together.
It’s funny how you were always strong and I was in a fright,
That someday you would leave me and you would be out of sight.
I feel like crying right now.
Didn't anyone tell you?
Your killing me!
Don’t you see the blood coming out of my heart?
my heat is broken.
It aint’ a piece of art.
These tears keep coming and now my towel is soaking wet.
I’m sorry but I just can’t stop it.
It’s funny how you were always there,
NowI can’t find you anywhere!
I bet you don’t have a place for me in your heart.
It’s like someone shot it right in the middle with a dart.
It’s funny how you used to listen now you don’t want to.
I understand (your growing up)
I have problems too!
Just like you.
and now you have a baby and you can’t stop crying.
your killing me and now I’m dying
You always cry and I cry too.
I wanna make you feel better but you never let me through.
I just hope you know.
I love you.
And I hope you love me too!
And now I can’t stop this feeling.
It’s pulling me down,
with these tears that I’m crying
sssh don’t make a sound.
Because it’s you turn now.
So take a bow.
You've successfully killed me,
And now that I’m dead,
Now is when you can hear me.
I said "i love you "
And I hope that you love me too!