What We Do

Global Writes Inc. engages in activities that are aligned with its mission:

• Works with schools and school districts to develop and implement programs that integrate performing arts techniques with literacy programs.

Benchmark of Success: Existing programs include work in the NYC public schools as well as schools in Chicago, Il., Nyack Middle School in Rockland County and Newark, NJ.

• Assists schools in developing technology applications for sharing of student-created work for publication and feedback. Technology applications include the use of digital media, videoconferencing, podcasts and blogs.

Benchmark of Success: Existing applications include schools in the Bronx, NY.

• Provides quality ongoing professional development for teachers focused on arts integration with existing literacy curriculum. We work with teachers to provide them with opportunitites to develop an appreciation of the arts across the curriculum and a level of comfort in using performing arts techniques in their everyday classroom activities.

Benchmark of Success: Professional development programs in schools in NYC and Chicago Il.

• Assists schools and school districts in finding local arts partners as a resource for classroom collaboration across grade levels.

Benchmark of Success: Helped to create partnerships with local arts organizations in Bronx and Queens, NY, Newark, NJ and Chicago Il. Relationships with arts partners include DreamYard Inc., Urban Word, New Jersey Performing Arts Center and Young Chicago Authors.

• Assists schools in seeking local funding resources to sustain arts integration programs.

Benchmark of Success: Currently working to find resources in Chicago, IL, Newark, NJ and New York.

•  Develops collaborations among schools throughout the US and globally to foster communication and collaboration among students around literacy-based projects that integrate the arts using technology as a resource.

Benchmark of Success: Initiated discussions with Project Scotland

•  A handbook of best practices and strategies for teaching performing arts in the literacy environment in schools is currently being developed.  This handbook will be used as a resource for replication of Global WRITeS programs.

Benchmark of Success: Draft available electronically June 2007

•  Develops programs that are inclusive of all  learning styles. The use of various types of technology incorporated in our programs allows for multiple modalities of teaching and learning. Thus we have accommodated the visual and auditory learner in our everyday activities both through online collaboration tools and through videoconferencing. We have carefully planned the use of teaching artists with our diverse student populations to accommodate native language speakers in our programs.

Benchmark of Success: Various schools in Bronx, NY

• Engages in both formative and summative evaluation designs to monitor student progress in all of our programs and have documented data to support increases in student achievement and teacher knowledge for specific populations served.

Benchmark of Success: Four-year research study, NYC and Chicago schools 2007-2010.

Benchmark of Success: Four-year research study, NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco Unified School District 2010 – 2014.

Benchmark of Success: Global Writes expands it arts integrated literacy programming to an after school model with an NYSED 21st Century Community Learning Center grant. 2013-present

Benchmark of Success: Global Writes receives funding from National Endowment for the Arts  (NEA) 2014 to develop and implement strategies for working with English Language Learners ELL) in 4 schools across 4 cities— NY, Ill, Ca, ME

Benchmark of Success: Global Writes receives funding from New York State Council on the Arts  2016 to implement ELL  strategies for writing and performance developed through NEA grant with a new Bronx school.

Benchmark of Success: Global Writes receives a research grant from NEA  2014 to study psychosocial development for students  in Bronx Writes program.

Benchmark of Success: Global Writes receives a second research grant from NEA  2016 to continue its study of psychosocial development for students  in Bronx Writes program.