What's New

Global Writes received two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.

One grant is an ArtWorks grant for $40,000 called Beauty Beyond Boundaries which will help to support the development of oral and written language strategies for ELLs across 4 states- Bronx, Ny, San Francisco,Ca, Auburn, Maine, Chicago Il. The second grant is an NEA Research grant for $15,000 which will study the social and emotional impact of the GW model on students in NYC schools.

National Endowment for the arts

Global Writes receives a $7500 grant from NYSCA (2016) to implement the new strategies it has developed for writing and performance through NEA support in 2014 with a a new Bronx school, PS/MS 315. Middle school students will work with a teaching artist to create their digital stories through visual arts and multimedia projects.

Global WRITEs Council on the arts

Global Writes receives a second NEA Art Works Research grant to study the impact of Bronx Writes on student precognitive and social emotional skills. The study, conducted by Metis Associates, will target 4 Bronx middle schools and 240 students.