Yonkers Writes

Darryl Mouzon, a high school literacy teacher at Yonkers High school took the model on the road from his Bronx school, MS/HS 368 to replicate it as a pilot last year. He currently works with students in grades 11 and 12 and is working with his principal to find funding sources to get a videoconferencing system in his school. Darryl has already competed with his students in the fall 2007 and spring 2008 Global Writes invitational tournament and his students have shared poems with students in Chicago, Il.

Watch Our Students Perform


Artist With a Pen
Carlos – Yonkers H.S. Grade 10

You call me an Artist
Well, I am an “Arteeest” with a Pen.
I draw pictures with my voice and paint them over with bare hands.
I sculpt stanzas with my teeth and build castles with lyrical sand…. Read more


Establish Yourself
Amanda – Yonkers H.S. Grade 10

Let’s view this from a different angle, shall we? I remember someone once told me,
“Create a title for yourself that will ring bells even in the ears of the deaf”
I have there’s but one way to do so;
Leave an impression, an impact that’ll make the crowd respond
Take charge of you … Read more


Tired Of Thinking
Nicholas – Yonkers H.S Grade 10

The mind makes life so complicated
It’s like the thoughts in my head confiscated my life
I have no control over them like an involuntary blink
Which is ironic cuz initially; I have the ability to think
But wait, does one exist …Read more


To Him
Krystina – Yonkers H.S Grade 10

I could write a poem about flowers and sunshine
Or about how everyone is oh so kind,
And how every time I see you I just want to unwind.
But that would be a waste of my time
Because at the drop of a dime …Read more