Yonkers Writes

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Artist With a Pen
Carlos – Yonkers H.S. Grade 10

You call me an Artist Well, I am an “Arteeest” with a Pen. I draw pictures with my voice and paint them over with bare hands. I sculpt stanzas with my teeth and build castles with lyrical sand…. Read more

Establish Yourself
Amanda – Yonkers H.S. Grade 10

Let’s view this from a different angle, shall we? I remember someone once told me,
“Create a title for yourself that will ring bells even in the ears of the deaf”
I have there’s but one way to do so;
Leave an impression, an impact that’ll make the crowd respond
Take charge of you … Read more

Tired Of Thinking
Nicholas – Yonkers H.S Grade 10

The mind makes life so complicated It’s like the thoughts in my head confiscated my life I have no control over them like an involuntary blink Which is ironic cuz initially; I have the ability to think But wait, does one exist … Read more

To Him
Krystina – Yonkers H.S Grade 10

I could write a poem about flowers and sunshine
Or about how everyone is oh so kind,
And how every time I see you I just want to unwind.
But that would be a waste of my time
Because at the drop of a dime … Read more