Establish Yourself

Amanda – Yonkers H.S. – Grade 10

Let’s view this from a different angle, shall we?
I remember someone once told me,
“Create a title for yourself that will ring bells even in the ears of the deaf”
I have there’s but one way to do so;
Leave an impression, an impact that’ll make the crowd respond
Take charge of you life; don’t bend with the crowd,
Advance with your words

Let them dig and destroy their pathetic attempt to succumb to society
Understand you should be no one but yourself.
Let me school you
I’ll be your example
My words are golden
Not perfection but I’m close.
Listen carefully and assimilate
You should know yourself like a cop knows the law,
Like a priest knows the Bible,
Like Muhammad knew the Qur’an
Like a musician knows his lyrics.
My Words,
It astounds them to see perfection in the black skin,
Don’t be mistaken, I’m not prejudice,
My Family taught me better
But I AM here to defy,
Yes! I dare to be different.
Why is it strange that every word out my mouth is not a curse but a blessing?
Why Can’t I be a colored sistah with the ability to speak with extreme brilliance?
Why should I accept why you think of me when all you do is judge the exterior and not the potential that is within?
See, I one met this boy,
Bonus was he was a fine chocolate brotha with a sprinkle of cinnamon and then some,
But what we had was past the physical,
‘Cause listen,
He taught me that being literate was not a sign of weakness,
He taught me that asserting my rights does not point to being “ghetto”,
He explained to me that the ghetto is a situation not a privilege,
He taught me that no skin is black or white,
Cause black is the color of burnt coal and white the color of falling snow,
But most importantly,
He taught me never to apologize for who I am,
Because I am who I am for a reason,
You are who you are for a reason,
We are who we are
Not for labels but hold a prestige within us waiting to be discovered;
Be one less person to uphold fear,
Be one less person to hide the real you,
Be one less person to remain untitled,
I have created a title for myself by being me,
Now I dare you to be you!