Tired Of Thinking

Nicholas – Grade 10 Yonkers High School

The mind makes life so complicated
It’s like the thoughts in my head confiscated my life
I have no control over them like an involuntary blink
Which is ironic cuz initially; I have the ability to think
But wait, does one exist without the mind?
Cuz from time to time I have caught myself
Reading in between the lines at unnecessary times
I’m so tired of thinking
I have inflicted so much pain
From the cause and effects of my brain
I’m so tired of thinking
I have followed the wrong path before
And melted faulty elements in me like smores
I’m so tired of thinking
I have said so many words in the past with much thought
And still they come out of my esophagus wrong
Like Satan trynna sing St. Nicholas a song
I am so sick and tired of thinking
Yo on the real, this up here can either make you or break you
It sure broke me like I ran over by a still tree
Ya see, now that sounded stupid cuz being clueless is easier than using this
Using your mind can’t be the beauty of life cuz sometimes I think ugly
And there is something that forces crooked minds not to see straight
And when I find out what that is, won’t that be great
Cuz when I do I’ll finally know why you can interpret two words, 50,000 ways
And why criminals don’t care about yesterday, tomorrow, or today
Sometimes when I go home to rest my dome I look in the mirror
and my mind starts to play tricks on me
And I convince myself to think things that will never happen,
See things that will never experience the light of day
Then my mind plunges me into a state of dismay
And check this, as weird as it may sound, I start thinking about the number two, I hate the number two
Why are there always two sides to a story?
One is exciting the other is boring
One side is blissful, the other can be detrimental
Why are there two sides of a coin?
One side is clean, the other can be dirty
One side will blossom your life, the other will get you smite
Why is love contrasted between light and dark?
Both in respect can blind my heart
I love the warm light and I hate the cold dark
But does the number two really blind my heart?
Na I don’t think so, It’s that puppet master that rests on my shoulders
So I jump to conclusions quick like I’m being hit by falling boulders
Seventeen years on Earth, please believe me,
I’m suffering from thinking fatigue
I’m tired of thinking